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Meet Your

 Sugar Makers

These Vermont sugar makers own and tap the trees that makes Sweet Adoptions possible. A percentage of each tree adopted goes directly back to them to help keep healthy maple trees as part of  Vermont's working forests.

Robbie Morrill was once named Marty Maple in the St. Albans Vermont Maple Festival. Now 25, he owns and operates Moonlight Maples based in Georgia, Vermont. He taps about 13,000 trees, and makes syrup, sugar candies and maple cream.

His favorite way to eat syrup: Warmed and poured over vanilla ice cream.

Michael Howrigan is a third generation sugar maker. Now 42, he owns and operates Henpecker Ridge Maples in Enosburg Falls, Vermont. He taps about 16,000 trees and specializes in high-quality syrup.

His favorite way to eat syrup: Drizzled over breakfast sausage.